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Moillo bends reality on the lines of cardboard.

Yes, that’s right, all illustrations are drawn on recycled cardboard.

Moillo never buys new cardboard, only discarded cardboard. 

And most of the illustrating is done free-hand.

But sometimes illustrations are scanned to digital for touch-ups.

This way Moillo's illustrations retain a fresh and raw aesthetic edge. 

If you'd like to work with Moillo, please touch base on the interwebs!

Email or follow on Instagram @moillo-draws


freelance illustrator
Moillo illustration
Moillo illustrator
New Zealand Moillo illustration
New Zealand Moillo illustrator
New Zealand illustration
New Zealand illustrator
New Zealand Freelance illustrator
New Zealand Freelance illustration
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NZ Moillo illustrator
NZ illustration
NZ illustrator
NZ Freelance illustrator
NZ Freelance illustration
Illustrator Moillo
Illustration Moillo
Moillo illo
Moillo illo’s
Editorial Illustration
Editorial Illustrator
Editorial Illustration Moillo
Editorial Illustrator Moillo
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Children book Illustrator Moillo


All illustration works are drawn with love and thought. Copyright 2019 Moillo