Observational illustration of Berlinners enjoying some sun bathing in the park.

Moillo Illustrator, illustrating from New Zealand with a distinctive illustration style.

Selected Works

Natto NattoIllustration

Nelson ParkIllustration

Family DinerIllustration


Boxed In!Illustration

Surf RescueIllustration

The Telescope StoryIllustration

Hit The NorthIllustration

The Love BoatIllustration

Jack Knife beatIllustration

Wrap FishingIllustration

On the LineIllustration

Ute HolsIllustration

The Year of the SnakeIllustration

Fake FaxIllustration

Tolaga BayIllustration


Meow MercedesIllustration

Such a DragIllustration

World Cup BidIllustration

Marewa Vs PorthillIllustration

Jupitor's TravelsIllustration

Queen's B'Day NZIllustration

On The Vigor brownIllustration

Forced OptionIllustration

Dickey BoatyIllustration

Insta EyesIllustration


Felt That One!Illustration

Rejig the EconomyIllustration

Mahia Space Kid'sIllustration

Kei Van EconomyIllustration

Tour de HeartIllustration

Barbie Man's CastleIllustration

Earth Shattering SixIllustration

More Roads More CarsIllustration

The Party is OverIllustration

Lisbon SighsIllustration

I don't careIllustration

Outback CuppaIllustration

Bond Boy in LondonIllustration


Phycopathic cutenessIllustration

Vikings Vs VirusIllustration

Space KidsIllustration

The BoatmanIllustration

Berlin BathersProject type


All illustration works are drawn with love and thought. Copyright 2019 Moillo